Support Our bid for funding from ‘Your Fund Surrey’

Surrey County Council has launched a new fund – Your Fund – with £100 million to be accessed for local projects and endeavours within Surrey. The club is in dire need of some repairs and improvements and we have some fantastic plans to ensure our future too, so we would love your support to help us with a successful bid to raise money to upgrade and improve our club and ensure we’re around for another 100 years!

The Limpsfield Royal British Legion Club has a very special part to play in the local community. Donated to returning servicemen and women and to the people of Limpsfield by the Titsey Estate in 1920, we have been providing a safe, affordable and community-oriented space for all ages to enjoy for 100 years. 

There are very few truly family-oriented and inclusive community spaces and clubs in the Limpsfield parish that people of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy together. Affordable, charity run or community clubs are disappearing to make way for private enterprise. We would like to continue to provide a valuable community service for all ages for the foreseeable future. 

In order to ensure this much loved club and community asset can continue for another 100 years, it requires extensive refurbishment and upgrades.

These will include: upgrades to incorporate disabled toilets and nappy changing facilities, essential roof repairs, cellar upgrade, plus essential repairs and refurbishment of the bar area.

We would also love to renovate the snooker hall, skittles and improve the family garden / children’s play area to provide safe facilities for all generations of the community.  

Please help us with our submission. Click on this link and click the little Thumbs Up button at the end of our “idea” to show your support… The more support we get, the more likely we will succeed in our bid!

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